Footnote 39

See, e.g., Ann Juliano & Stewart J. Schwab, The Sweep of Sexual Harassment Cases, 86 Cornell L. Rev. 548, 557 (2001); Peter Siegelman & John J. Donohue, Studying the Iceberg From Its Tip: A Comparison of Published and Unpublished Employment Discrimination Cases, 24 Law & Soc'y Rev. 1133 (1990). A December 1, 2004 conversation with Brooke Piper in the Thomson-West Public Relations Department revealed that Westlaw is very comprehensive in its coverage. The company publishes anything that it receives from a judge or court, monitors the loose-leaf services, and reaches out to various sources to add cases. But it does not publish orders unaccompanied by opinions. Among other courts, the S.D.N.Y. and E.D.N.Y. make all of their opinions available to Westlaw. Wendy Parker, Lessons in Losing: Race and National Origin Employment Discrimination Litigation in Federal District Courts, at 13 n.49 (Feb. 2005) (Wake Forest Univ. Legal Studies Research Paper No. 05-09), at (last visited May 22, 2005).