Footnote 133

Supporters of mediation are legion, as are their books and articles. The next few paragraphs draw upon the following sources, among others, which deal with employment mediation, as well as on my own experience. See Cindy Cole Ettingoff & Gregory Powell, Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment-Related Disputes, 26 U. Mem. L. Rev. 1131, 1136-44 (1996) (discussing the benefits of ADR generally). See generally CPR Institute, supra note 111, at 26-28; Lois A. Baar & Michael A. Zody, Resolution Conferences Conducted by the Utah Anti-Discrimination Division: The Elements of a Successful Administrative Mediation Program, 21 J. Contemp. L. 21, 36-39 (1995); Isabelle R. Gunning, Diversity Issues in Mediation: Controlling Negative Cultural Myths, 1995 J. Disp. Resol. 55, 56-57; Kahan & Deem, supra note 117, at 29-31; Yelnosky, supra note 56, at 598-604.